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Property managers know the importance of cost control and standardization. However, in many cases the company does not have the resources or time to effectively implement and oversee these programs. This is where The MaRK Advantage becomes a valuable partner. With over 50 years of combined Property, Project, Program, Financial and Business Management experience, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients have the level of support and strength needed to run their business more efficiently. Our professionals are skilled in tailoring, implementing and monitoring purchasing programs specifically for your company - regardless of your size or market. 

The MaRK Advantage offers a boutique approach in supporting our clients, understanding that every company is different and must be treated as such. By taking this approach, we have developed deeper relationships with our clients and it shows. Our clients have come to rely on us as part of their extended team. We are a pillar of support, leaving a quality MaRK one company at a time.

MaRK - noun:
A visible impression or trace on something

MaRK - verb:
To take notice, give attention or consider